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Our members

EUMEPS is the associaton of European EPS manufacturers. To best meet the needs of each application, EUMEPS has two interest groups: EUMEPS Power Parts Shape Moulding and EUMEPS Construction.

In EUMEPS Power Parts Shape Moulding we focus on promoting the outstanding protection abilities of our product and on its ability to make best use of limited resources. Our members are National Associations and companies.

National Associations

Austria GPH

Denmark Plastindustrien I Danmark

Germany IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackung e.V.

Great Britain EPS Packaging Group

Greece EPS Hellas


Italy Italy Associazione Italiana Polistirolo Espanso [AIPE]

Lithuania Polistireninio Putplasčio Asociacija

Netherlands Stybenex Verpakkingen


Portugal ACEPE - Associação Industrial do Poliestireno Expandido

Slovakia Slovak EPS Association

Spain Associacion Nacional de Poliestireno Expandido [ANAPE]



DS Smith Foam Products, Northampton / UK

Hirsch Porozell GmbH, Glanegg / Austria

HSV Packaging & Insulation bv, Ede/ Netherlands

ICEE folding box, Australia

ICSS Packaging SPA, Gropello Cairoli/ Italy

Jackon Group, Frederikstad, Norway

Schaumaplast GmbH & Co KG, Reilingen / Germany

Storopack Group, Metzingen / Germany

BewiSynbra Group, Etten Leur / Netherlands

FRAGMAT, Laško / Slovenia

Machinery Suppliers

Alessiohitech, Medolago BG /Italy

Erlenbach GmbH, Lautert / Germany

Kurtz GmbH, Kreuzwestheim / Germany

Additive Suppliers

Alloy Wire, Brierley Hill / United Kingdom

Recycling Companies

Fischergruppe, Achern / Germany

Traxpo S.L., Valmoll / Spain