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Development Quality Guidelines

Jun 16 2016

Our industry offers professionalism, care and commitment. We ensure that factory quality goods are delivered along the supply chain and to the end customer's house. We show our commitment to highest quality standards in a very transparent way:

AIPE, the Italian EPS association, has been developing a quality guideline for food and pharma packaging, and for white and agricultural goods packaging. The framework has been worked out by an international industry committee of association represenatives, converters and raw material suppliers. Aim is to harmonize the expectations of customers and end users, raw material suppliers and converters in order to increase the perception of the value of airpop® packaging material.

The guideline will be available by the end of 2016. The University of Turin delivers the scienfic input. They are also developing an airpop® quality app for smart phones. Register for the newsletter and we will keep you posted on this project.