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EUMEPS - Plastics Conference 2020

Feb 10 2020

The Plastics Conference 2020 -The Road to Evolution and Sustainability is organised by Boussias Communications.
Venue: Amphitheater OTEAcademy, Athens

The aim of the Plastics Conference 2020 is to form a Pan-European meeting spot for the most important industries of
this field, as well as all the companies and the carriers of recycling and waste management.

The new Community Directives have changed everything in the plastics industry, which is, however, already starting to
transform, ensuring its development.

Recognizing that plastic materials have found themselves in the communicative “line of fire”, as being culpable for
environmental disasters, Boussias Communications is organizing the 1st Plastics Conference where best practices
of production and management of plastics will be presented, as well as improved ways for their retrieval and recycling.

The fundamental thematic topics of the conference are focused on the multilevel changes that are being recorded
for this industry.
 The new European institutional framework: Targets, challenges and adaptation.
 Better practices of production and management of plastics.
 Technological advances and new-generation plastics.
 Industry infrastructure and logistics: Retrieval, recycling, investments and benefits.

Paolo Garbagna's contribution as both CEO of ICSS Italy and EUMEPS President will focus on the theme: "EPS packaging bio challenges"

For more information on the conference please visit: