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2017-01-20: EPS industry response to IKEA statement
Maaseik / Crofton (MD): The EPS industry calls for thought based and not emotionally charged decision taking when it comes to making a truely valuable environmental progress. A reaction on the IKEA ban on EPS foamed material.
EPS industry responds on IKEA statement ( PDF, 335.27 kB)

2016-11-07: Consortium steps out of HBCD scheme
Etten-Leur, Netherlands: Supply of EPS into Europe is HBCDD free, EPS producers step out of the authorisation of HBCDD use.
Read more in the press release ( PDF, 186.95 kB)

2016-06-08: Announcement of new Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board
Maaseik, Belgien: During the General Assembly of EUMEPS in Windsor (UK) in May 2016, Mr. Francesco Beduini (Board member LAPE HD srl / Italy), was elected as Chairman of the EUMEPS Board.
Read more in the press release ( PDF, 221.71 kB)