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2021-07-29: EPS fish box recycling supports sustainable fishing industry
EPS fish boxes are widely recycled across Europe as several examples well show
EPS fish box recycling across Europe ( PDF, 375.95 kB)

2021-07-27: EUMEPS joins PolyREC
PCEP, SCS and EUMEPS join cross-polymer initiative PolyREC® to monitor, verify and report on Europe’s recycled plastic flows
EUMEPS joins PolyREC ( PDF, 264.51 kB)

2021-07-01: EUMEPS' new Managing Director
EUMEPS is pleased to announce the appointment of Jürgen Lang as its new Managing Director. As of today Mr. Lang will be EUMEPS’ main representative in Brussels improving the EPS industry’s visibility and driving EUMEPS efforts to become more sustainable, in particular to reach its ambitious European recycling targets by 2025.
Jürgen Lang new MD of EUMEPS ( PDF, 178 kB)

2021-06-16: PSLoop Grand Opening
EUMEPS welcomes the launch of a ground-breaking EPS recycling facility in the Netherlands
PSLoop grand opening ( PDF, 161.44 kB)

2020-06-15: Eumeps Press Release - EPS in the EU Renovation Wave
The European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene, EUMEPS, says the European Commission’s recent call for a Renovation Wave would also benefit a broader green recovery agenda.
Eumeps Press Release 15 June 2020 ( PDF, 52.11 kB)

2020-05-13: Eumeps Press Release - EPS versatility in #COVID19 crisis
The coronavirus crisis has underlined the versatility and indispensable nature of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam for packaging and medical uses.
Eumeps Press Release 13 May 2020 ( PDF, 54.41 kB)

2019-04-10: Eumeps New Board 2019
During the General Assembly of EUMEPS in Brussels (BE) on 10 April 2019, Mr. Paolo Garbagna was elected as President of the EUMEPS Board
Eumeps New Board 2019 ( PDF, 259.31 kB)

2017-11-07: PolyStyreneLoop officially launched
On 7 November, the PolyStyreneLoop (PSL) Cooperative inaugurated the European EPS/XPS industry’s closed-loop solution for the recycling of polystyrene (PS) insulation foam waste in Amsterdam.
PolyStyreneLoop officially launched ( DOCX, 17.96 kB)

2017-01-20: EPS industry response to IKEA statement
Maaseik / Crofton (MD): The EPS industry calls for thought based and not emotionally charged decision taking when it comes to making a truely valuable environmental progress. A reaction on the IKEA ban on EPS foamed material.
EPS industry responds on IKEA statement ( PDF, 335.27 kB)

2016-11-07: Consortium steps out of HBCD scheme
Etten-Leur, Netherlands: Supply of EPS into Europe is HBCDD free, EPS producers step out of the authorisation of HBCDD use.
Read more in the press release ( PDF, 186.95 kB)

2016-06-08: Announcement of new Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board
Maaseik, Belgien: During the General Assembly of EUMEPS in Windsor (UK) in May 2016, Mr. Francesco Beduini (Board member LAPE HD srl / Italy), was elected as Chairman of the EUMEPS Board.
Read more in the press release ( PDF, 221.71 kB)