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What is EPS?

Back in 1949 Dr. Fritz Stastny, a scientist working at BASF in Germany, invented expanding polystyrene, in short: EPS. When the pearl-shaped raw material is brought into contact with steam it expands to around 40 times its original size. It can then be moulded during subsequent processing. This means that EPS® or airpop, as it also called, consists largely of air. 98 percent to be exact. EPS has been known under a variety of names over the years. For example, polystyrene and foam packaging.

airpop® is a
trouble shooter

airpop® is a
comfort cover

airpop® is a
money saver


is green

  • Applications

    EPS®: Safety made easy.

    Special protection must be provided to whatever is particularly fragile and valueable

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  • Quality

    EPS is quality.

    EPS has been successfully used in the packaging industry for many years, to the satisfaction of end-users.

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  • Sustainability

    Smart use of resources.

    A material that only consists of 98% air is one of the best materials in the world when it comes to protecting things.

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  • Recycling

    EPS has several lives.

    A park bench used to be a bicycle helmet, a pizza delivery box and protection for you LCD TV.

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