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airpop® for life

airpop® is 98% air captured within a 2% cellular matrix. That is smart engineering. We are teaching air to protect and to insulate the things that are the most important in our life. We are teaching air to protect sensitive goods, so our flat screen arrives in one piece. We are teaching air to be hygenic and safe, so the food we eat is kept fresh and delicious. airpop® has many stories to tell. Read a selection of our favorite ones here.

About safe home deliveries

Safety made easy: whenever something valuable needs to be protected, airpop® comes into play: The most expensive electronical devices are shipped in airpop® packaging.

Why? Because airpop® is shock proof. The higher the density, the more shock impacts it absorbs. Some devices are simply too valuable to risk damage.

Happy #world radio day 13. February 2018

I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream!

What can insulate better than 98% air?

The composition of airpop® - 98% air in a closed-cell foam structure consisting of miscrocopiaclly small air bubbles - makes it the simplest thermal insulation compated to other commonly used packaging materials.

This is the secret why it keeps your ice cream and your frozen yoghurt so fresh.

Happy #frozen yoghurt day 06.02.2018

Two recycling initatives for (E)PS highly appreciated by European Commission

EU Life funding helps us to develop our industry from a linear one to a circular:

Two major projects, EPS-Sure and PolyStyreneLoop, have become reality thanks to the committment and support of the EU. Both projects are industry cooperatives driving new technologies for airpop® recycling. Both of them will contribute to turning the industry from a linear to a circular one.

# EU Industry Week. 19.-23.02.2018

98% air help to minimize your water consumption!

In many parts of the world, water is a scarce resource. Fresh water is essential for life with no subsitute.

By using airpop® packaging you take care of it. airpop® manufacturing processes require small amounts of water for steam generation, which is used for pre-expamnding and final moulding. This water is reused many times in the process and is free of chemicals. So, there is no wastage of pollution to surface water or underground water supply.

Our competitors are less efficient: Corrugated cardboard consumes much more of the valuable resource.

#world water day 22. March 2018

How do you transport vital organs? Correct: With 98% air!

What protects a beating heart can protect anything. When human lifes are at stake you do not chose the second best. airpop® is a tried and tested material for emergency medicine.

98% air help protect life. airpop. engineered air.

#world health day 10. April 2018

Zero plastics to the oceans

We believe that a broad waste collection program is most effective to prevent littering in the environment.

Take the Netherlands as an example: Our industry has set up a vast system of EPS collection points throughout the country. Because airpop® is easily recycable. And it is done extensively.

#Poly Talk 2018: Zero plastics to the oceans

A curious story about 98% air and ducks

Do you know the stors about the damaged ship in the Kuwait habour?

(This is one of our favorite one for dinner conversations!)

In 1964 a container vessel sunk with 5,000 sheep on deck.  The large number of animals endangered the fresh water supply of Kuwait City.

Eventually a creative solution came into play: The Danish inventor Karl Kroyer believed that  buoyancy aids could solve the issue. So he pumped small airpop® parts into the wreck. The salvage succeeded.

But the story is not yet finished. Karl filed patents for his technique in many countries. The Dutch patent offices refused his request since a comic writer had already introduced the technique of buoyancy aids in one of his stories back in 1949. A famous duck together with his 3 nephews lifted a shipwreck with the help of countless table tennis balls.

98% air tells stories about life. airpop. engineered air.

Stories to share. Happy #world family day on 1 May 2018!

A life jacket that used to be a cooling box, a baby seat, a pizza delivery box and protection for your LCD TV.

56% of the entire process energy required for one airpop® product is consumed during the production of virgin material. The use of recycled material thus has a huge impact on the energy food print.

Our industry likes this idea and faciliates the development of new innovative recycling technologies. With 98% air we aim to maximize sustainablity. airpop.engineered air.

#recycling day 17 May 2018

What needs to stay fresh, stays fresh - thanks to 98% air

We believe that with a smart use of resources we preserve our nature best.

And we believe that the best packaging solution needs proper assessement, leaving a product's image behind. Life Cycle Analysis show that many plastic packaging helps extending the shelf-life of food stuff.

And airpop® even stands out from other plastic materials. Did you know that many vegetables retained significantly more vitamin C when packed in airpop? Did you know that airpop® packging keeps the inside temperature for up to 72 hours on a stable level? Anything that is transported in airpop® stays fresh and cool.

And with these abilities, airpop® help preventing spoilage. This is what we consider a smart use of resources.

#biodiversity day 22 May 2018

98% air protect water, save energy and contribute less to global warming than other packaging products

Did you know that airpop® packaging has much less effects on the environment than other competive materials for the same use? This is especially so in terms of water pollution, energy consumption and global warming potential. Take the comparison with cardboard: The water use for cardboard products is 20-30% higher than for foamed products. For PLA products it is even 2-4 times higher.

Think twice. 98% air help you to protect the environment. airpop. engineered air.

#world environment day 5 June 2018

Think twice: Do you really use your ceramic cup 1000 times?

Are you getting your morning coffee on the go from the shop around the corner? Here we have a good argument for your next discussion about the sustainablity of a single-use cup: A ceramic cup needs to be used 1000 times before it achieves the same energy base than a foamed cup.

98% air help to live your life sustainably. airpop. engineered air.

#sustainable gastronomy day 18 June 2018

Increase your profit with 98% air

Some say airpop® is not recyclable. But the truth is: airpop® is easily recyclable up to seven times.

And even better: it is collected and recycled on a large scale in Europe. What comes out is a valuable new material. Waste collectors are always keen on new sources of waste supply.

airpop® waste is a business, not a hazzle.
Happy #tell the truth day 7 July 2018

Yes, we can!

A united industry cares for the environment: Under the PolyStyreneLoop cooperative, 50 participants from the EPS industry work togehter on a recycling solution for foamed PS insulation material. It seperates the material from its contaminations. The clean recylate is transfered into new applications. That saves resources and energy.

The industry and 98% air work together for a more sustainable environment.

Happy #sustainable tuesday 4 September 2018

Keep plastic pellets in check!

Plastic pellets like any other product do not belong as litter in the environment.

Over the last decades lot's has been done already, but altogether we should aim to improve even more. Operation CleanSweep provides valuable ideas how to prevent pellet loss in production areas.

Why not starting today on this #Keep it clean day 21 September 2018?

98% air help you to protect the environment

Did you know that airpop® packaging has much less effects on the environment than other competive materials for the same use?

This is especially so in terms of water pollution, energy consumption and global warming potential. airpop® packaging clearly has lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions than cardboard packaging.

Think twice. 98% air help you to protect the environment. airpop. engineered air.

#international day for conservation of the ozone layer 16 September 2018