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airpop® for life

airpop® is 98% air captured within a 2% cellular matrix. That is smart engineering. We are teaching air to protect and to insulate the things that are the most important in our life. We are teaching air to protect sensitive goods, so our flat screen arrives in one piece. We are teaching air to be hygenic and safe, so the food we eat is kept fresh and delicious. airpop® has many stories to tell. Read a selection of our favorite ones here.

About safe home deliveries

Safety made easy: whenever something valuable needs to be protected, airpop® comes into play: The most expensive electronical devices are shipped in airpop® packaging.

Why? Because airpop® is shock proof. The higher the density, the more shock impacts it absorbs. Some devices are simply too valuable to risk damage.

Happy #world radio day 13. February 2018

I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream!

What can insulate better than 98% air?

The composition of airpop® - 98% air in a closed-cell foam structure consisting of miscrocopiaclly small air bubbles - makes it the simplest thermal insulation compated to other commonly used packaging materials.

This is the secret why it keeps your ice cream and your frozen yoghurt so fresh.

Happy #frozen yoghurt day 06.02.2018

Two recycling initatives for (E)PS highly appreciated by European Commission

EU Life funding helps us to develop our industry from a linear one to a circular:

Two major projects, EPS-Sure and PolyStyreneLoop, have become reality thanks to the committment and support of the EU. Both projects are industry cooperatives driving new technologies for airpop® recycling. Both of them will contribute to turning the industry from a linear to a circular one.

# EU Industry Week. 19.-23.02.2018

98% air help to minimize your water consumption!

In many parts of the world, water is a scarce resource. Fresh water is essential for life with no subsitute.

By using airpop® packaging you take care of it. airpop® manufacturing processes require small amounts of water for steam generation, which is used for pre-expamnding and final moulding. This water is reused many times in the process and is free of chemicals. So, there is no wastage of pollution to surface water or underground water supply.

Our competitors are less efficient: Corrugated cardboard consumes much more of the valuable resource.

#world water day 22. March 2018

How do you transport vital organs? Correct: With 98% air!

What protects a beating heart can protect anything. When human lifes are at stake you do not chose the second best. airpop® is a tried and tested material for emergency medicine.

98% air help protect life. airpop. engineered air.

#world health day 10. April 2018