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Safety made easy.

Delicate items should be handled with care. And with 98% air.

You might not be aware of it – but EPS® is part of our everyday life: did you ever think about what makes a bicycle helmet so protective? Who takes care that your new washing machine or refrigerator arrives undamaged at home? Or that fish does not spoil on its long way from the Atlantic Ocean to your kitchen? And, and, and...

You want to learn more about EPS? Click here! ( PDF, 382.81 kB)

  • Heavy Items

    Protective packaging for heavy items:

    EPS is so versatile, it can be moulded to any shape required and with varying strenghts and performance levels is smart engineering.

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  • Delicate goods and fresh food

    Packaging for delicate goods and fresh food:

    Things that have to stay cool, stay cool. Because there is hardly any other material with such good and reliable insulation characteristics.

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  • Protection

    Protection for children and heads:

    whatever is valuable can always be protected. This is when EPS comes into play. Especially, if protection needs to be extremely light, such as in helmets.

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