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Protective packaging for heavy items

airpop® safety made easy

Versatility makes airpop® the most efficient packaging material. Our engineers take advantage of this: The design flexibility allows airpop® packaging to selectively protect the most sensitive parts of a product to give maximum transport security.

This guarantees that products arrive at their destination in prime condition. airpop® offers a really competitive advantage for logistic specialists and is also a climate- friendly transport solution.

Did you know?

In drop test, vibration tests and other performance data, airpop® proved to give best protection thanks to its outstanding cushioning properties. And this is the best insurance against product damage.

Take for example a washing machine: Supply chain experts across Europe recommend airpop® packaging. Why? Because we give them a lot of good arguments to stick with us ( PDF, 382.81 kB)

airpop® is

  • precise and accurately formable.
  • light and weight-saving during transportation.
  • provides reliable protection in case of shock or pressure.
  • excellent value for money/performance ratio.

Delicate Goods and Fresh Food

Vital organs and medicines are transported in airpop, because if human lives are at stake, you do not take the second best. Firstly, it protects perfectly and secondly it insulates excellently and therefore keeps the organs or medicines cool during transport. Something that protects a beating heart can protect everything.

Or take fresh food, such as fish or all other kind of sensitive foodstuffs: airpop® is not only 100% food-safe and water-tight, but vegetables also retain their vitamin C content longer than food packed in other materials. So: Enjoy your meal!

And to all professional sea food lovers: Visit our fishbox website specially dedicated to the fish supply chain..

Protection for children and heads

Safety made simple and light: airpop® is the guarding angel whenever something valuable needs protection. Especially when it also has to be extremely light. For example, to maximise the comfort of helmets. Or in your child’s baby seat.

To protect your most valuable goods you should simply go for the best.