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Good news: EPS is recyclable and is being recycled all over Europe!

We know that environmental sustainability is not only important to customers. It has also become a governing principle when it comes to corporate sustainability commitments. And the recyclability of a product usually is one of its major requirements - which EPS® meets easily.

And many good examples from all over Europe show that.

EPS waste in the paper bin: A pilot in Belgium ( PDF, 57.91 kB)
EPS post-consumer collection in Norway ( PDF, 59.32 kB)
EPS construction waste into new materials: PolyStyreneLoop ( PDF, 70.81 kB)
The vision: EPS recyclate for food contact material. A trial in Spain ( PDF, 96 kB)
EPS Collection points in the Netherlands ( PDF, 94.15 kB)
EPS scrap collection and recycling in Germany ( PDF, 64.74 kB)
Lightweight concrete from recycled EPS in Austria ( PDF, 54.13 kB)
EPS fish box collection at Billingsgate Fishmarket ( PDF, 164.67 kB)
Collection for EPS recycling in Italy ( PDF, 64.59 kB)

Our industry drives innovation in the recycling sector

EPS is easy to recycle. But we do more: our industry proves to be forerunner of innovative recycling processes. Click here to go straight to our innovation lab.

Did you know?

EPS® can be recycled several times without deterioration. Thanks to recycling EPS® products come to life over and over again. In terms of waste, we are committed to our four favourite Rs: reduce, re-use, recycle, recover.

Reduce – it is astounding how versatile EPS® is for a wide range of packaging needs. With an optimised pack design, manufacturers reduce the EPS® content to a minimum. This reduces the environmental impact and costs.

Re-use – EPS® is durable. Thermo boxes for warm food or special packaging for medicines, for example. They are so stable and resistant that they can demonstrate their excellent properties over and over again.

Recycle – EPS® packaging can be easily recycled allowing you to be ready for the next task. And it continues to go from strength to strength in new packaging techniques. Or it can be used to produce new plastics and have a new life in coat hangers, parkbenches and, and, and…

Recover –EPS® packaging can also be used in modern thermal heat and power plants for the production of district heating. During this thermal recycling process, 1 kg of EPS® replaces 1.4 litres of fuel oil.

What to do with EPS waste?

Many EPS® production facilities offer collection points where material can be placed for recycling. Adding recycled material in the production process improves the environmental performance of the whole operation significantly.

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