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Different types of recycling

EPS® waste is a valuable resource.

It is recycable many times without deterioration and can be re-used in a large variety of applications. As such, EPS helps us to protect our climate.

The common ways of recycling are mechanical recycling as PS and EPS as well as energy recovery. The mechanical recycling process usually starts with the grinding of the EPS waste. After that, there are several alternatives for further valorizing of the grinded waste:

Recycling as EPS

The waste material can be used for new EPS applications.

Most common are

  • the use of grinded EPS for the production of new packaging for white goods and further applications.
  • the production of insulation construction materials (building blocks, cement),
  • the use as ground improvement (drainage, substrate for plants).

Recycling as PS

Recycling as PS means to compact or to melt the grinded airpop® (EPS) and changing it into compact granules (PS) - this material can be

  • processed into injection moulding (utensils) or extrusion products,
  • or it can be used (after extrusion and degassing) to produce airpop® once again for the classic EPS applications (packaging, insulation etc.).