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Innovation lab for recycling

airpop® is easy to recycle. But we do more: Our industry proves to be forerunner of innovative recycling processes. Two industry consortia currently work on the development and the economical implementation of new technologies.

The EPS-Sure Project is running a pilot plant in raw material production facilities in Barcelona, Spain. Aim is to demonstrate the feasability to manufacture recycled polystyrene (rPS) with high quality to satisfy the demanding requirements for applications in food contact. Find out more by clicking here.

The PolyStyreneLoop Project sets up a large-scale demo plant as a closed-loop solution for the recycling of polystyrene (PS) insulation foam waste. The planned demonstration plant in Terneuzen, Netherlands, will work with CreaSolv® technology. Click here to learn more.

Both projects are supported by EU LIFE.


    INEPSA is a worldwide initiative

    with the aim to unite the world's EPS industry through increased co-operation and outreach.

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  • Different types of recycling

    airpop® packaging is a solid waste

    which can easily be recycled and reused several times without a loss of quality

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  • Quality

    airpop® is quality.

    EPS has been successfully used in the packaging industry for many years, to the satisfaction of end-users.

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  • Sustainability

    Smart use of resources.

    A material that only consists of 98% air is one of the best materials in the world when it comes to protecting things.

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