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Resources are limited. Ideas not.

A material that consists of 98% air and is one of the best materials in the world when it comes to protecting things. And thanks to new technologies we make sure that EPS always cuts a good figure. Especially in matters of sustainability.

Less material costs, less CO2 emissions, less energy costs, less wastage, less breakage. EPS is a high-performing material. With 98% air you can achieve more insulation and protection than with anything else. And our industry does not stand still: every day thousands of engineers throughout Europe work on new applications, and on energy efficient productions which allow a smarter use of resources.

  • Our Vision:

    Building the future.

    EPS shows how to economize with resources. It can’t get more efficient.

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  • Environment

    98% air content guarantee maximum performance when it comes to insulation and shock absorbance. This reduces climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

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  • Recycling

    EPS has several lives.

    A park bench used to be a bicycle helmet, a pizza delivery box and protection for you LCD TV.

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  • Our industry

    Reliable partners in the supply chain.

    Good value for money, flexibility and open for innovations: Good reasons for long-lasting partnerships

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