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Our vision

To build the future

We believe the world would be a better place if we used our resources in a smarter way. We want our industry to have a positive impact on our world. Due to its properties EPS® contributes impressively to sustainability aspects. We believe that a sustainable world provides a better quality of life for many people and protects the environment for future generations.

We drive new technologies and new thinking and raise the awareness that energy efficient production contributes positively to economic development and to the environment. We encourage our industry to be a strong link in the supply chain, to be a reliable partner and a good neighbour.

  • Sustainability

    Smart use of resources.

    A material that only consists of 98% air is one of the best materials in the world when it comes to protecting things.

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  • Environment

    98% air content guarantee maximum performance when it comes to insulation and shock absorbance. This reduces climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

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  • Our industry

    Reliable partners in the supply chain.

    Good value for money, flexibility and open for innovations: Good reasons for long-lasting partnerships

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