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Supply chain partners

When it comes to logistics, 98% air is very good

Logistics that ensure the delivery of high quality undamaged goods added to the productivity of manufacturing processes and ensure maximum cost efficiency. This is valid not only for the product assembly process itself but also for delivery of the finished goods: Long lasting customer relationships and high customer satisfaction are the key to sustainable growth. EPS packaging solutions provide reliability across all the supply chain to ensure factory quality on delivery.

Smart packaging design and the versatility of the material means it can be moulded in different strengths and performance levels to protect those parts of the product that could be subject to wear and tear during transportation. And minimised breakage rates contribute to a sustainable process management. Our material is the first choice for protective packaging.

  • Sustainability

    Smart use of resources.

    A material that only consists of 98% air is one of the best materials in the world when it comes to protecting things.

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  • Our Vision:

    Building the future.

    EPS shows how to economize with resources. It can’t get more efficient.

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  • Environment

    98% air content guarantee maximum performance when it comes to insulation and shock absorbance. This reduces climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

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